Early Morning Hunting

It was those cool early mornings at the tail end of fall that she disliked the most. The echoes of gunfire between the trees never failed to leave her with goose flesh on her bare arms as she watched out the front window, wrapped in her warmest throw.  A gunshot broke the silence, too close… Continue reading Early Morning Hunting

Admissions and Editing

There has to be something said about editing. I really struggle with it. Tooth and nail struggle! Writing? It comes so easily! If I have a basic idea and a plot, I can write nonstop for weeks before I blink. Editing? I struggle to have the will to pickup the story and even reread it!… Continue reading Admissions and Editing

Back From the Dead!

Well, not really dead, but certainly missing from the web! It's been a long time since I've posted on here. Even though there are only a few who like/comment/are aware of this page, I do apologize! In the last few months I've been both busy and extremely lazy. Oops! As of today I have completed… Continue reading Back From the Dead!

Living the Writer’s Life

Happy September! This week started a few things at my house! My twins started kindergarten, yay for them! But not just that, I started on my journey to start my official writing career! *canned applause here* I'm pretty excited about it, steam rolling on into the second full day. The first day was a half… Continue reading Living the Writer’s Life

Being a Writer

I think there are many meanings when someone says they're a writer. There are many different ways that a person can be a writer. It means something just a bit different to everyone. For me, being a writer means I have an easier time fleshing out details and my feelings when I'm writing them. Talking… Continue reading Being a Writer

Aisling of the Rebellion, Excerpt

Keep in mind while reading this that this is a raw (I.e. unedited!) bit of the project in progress, Aisling of the Rebellion. As a side note, I don't think I've covered the main characters name. Let's get that part out of the way. Her name is Aisling, pronounced "ash-lynn" and is of Irish decent… Continue reading Aisling of the Rebellion, Excerpt

Life’s Journeys

To be honest, it's been a bit of a journey to get to where I am today. There's still a journey for me to get where I want to go as well, but I wouldn't be here if I hadn't gone through so much. I was at a low point in my life, emotionally. I… Continue reading Life’s Journeys

Exhaustion & Rambles

Sometimes procrastination isn't the problem. Sometimes it's exhaustion. There are times when I find it difficult to write, for one reason or another. Spending my day with two five year old kids is exhausting, particularly if you try to wear them out so they'll go to sleep quickly at bed time. The true problem with… Continue reading Exhaustion & Rambles

Stranded Moon News

I finished rewriting today! 77k words over 330 pages! I'm feeling pretty happy with it as well, just have to do a bit more tweaking before I'm ready to reread it and start sharing it with beta readers. I'm thinking I'll start with one reader first, since I've never had a beta reader before. I… Continue reading Stranded Moon News

Life, Time, and the Magical Way it Runs Away

I'm astonished in the way time gets away from me! It's been much longer than I realized since I posted last. So sorry about that! I promise that I haven't been sitting on the sofa eating cupcakes the whole time. There has been some writing happening! And some reading as well. I have this odd… Continue reading Life, Time, and the Magical Way it Runs Away