A Step Forward

Having ventured in the world of writing for many years now, I have found myself recently looking towards the future.

During my time in college my writing took a back seat, when it looked like my future lay in law enforcement rather than any creative field. However, after getting married and starting a family writing has taken my heart with an iron grip and refuses to let go.

I never before considered publishing my work, either in the form of a short story compendium or one of my longer works in novel form. Earlier this year however I came across an amazing writing group in its infancy that changed my view on writing, forever. For the better, mind you.

I have since begun a long and arduous journey down the road of becoming a published writer. It has been a bumpy road thus far, not without its disheartening moments. Though there were times when I considered abandoning this dream of seeing my name in print, I still hold out hope.

This blog here, created in my name, will be my testament and log of my journey to become a published author.

Here, in this space I will share my struggles, realizations and triumphs as I work to complete my first manuscript, and then work on the next stage of editing. There will be days were I struggle to get the words out, and there will be days when I can’t take the break from typing just to breath. There will always be ups and downs, with any career or aspirations in life.

I hope that you will join me in my journey, and be there with me when finally I can hand over a printed and bound copy of my first book.

Lilian Cass

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