Procrastination (or ‘The Lack of Motivation’)

Like many other creative people, I am never short on ideas. There is almost always something new popping into my head that I would love to get distracted by and spend some time exploring. But I can’t, I really can’t.

When you’re working full time on a specific project in the workplace, your boss frowns on you doing your own thing. In school it’s the same way. Due dates and timelines are great things, and have always helped me stick to my guns when it came to getting things done, creative or otherwise. Since I’ve been out of school for a while now, I’ve felt a definite slump when it comes to taking care of business. By slump, of course, I mean the total and utter death of my ability to abide by a due date.

It seems like I procrastinate all the time now, always putting off the things I want to do in favor of other things I also want to do. The kicker is, when I do finally sit and put my full attention at the work in question, ‘I’m just not feeling it.’ Ugh.

At this rate I will turn fifty before I have my first book published, and I have too many ideas to share to wait that long.

Then a person in a writing group I am in shared this article about making small writing goals for every day. The writer, and leader of our writing group coincidentally, suggests a small ten minute or five hundred word goal for the day, something small and easy. The goal is to make the daily goal easy to achieve, so that when you undoubtedly surpass it it’s a great thing. But also on those days when its hard to just get out a normal sentence it is still possible to finish your goal.

Since I started thinking about it like that, I’ve written a little here and there every day. It may not amount to much in small increments, but when added together it comes to great numbers. I’ve been able to keep notes about parts of my story that I haven’t worked up to yet in my computer, and even plan out scenes that have to happen but I’m not to that part of the story yet.

Procrastination is still a problem for me, what with all the amazing distractions in my life, but I’m working through it and attempting to work through any lack of motivation that occurs. Some days my motivation levels are high and that’s great, but other days I still need to get ‘something’ out even when I don’t really feel like writing.

Maybe this coming week will be the one I push the small daily goals and make some real breakthroughs on The Wolves of Wicklow Woods. That would be nice!


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