Writing Prompt: I’m a traitor

traitorI have this habit of going through all the wonderful things that Pinterest has to offer. I also have a bad habit of getting distracted by all the wonderful things Pinterest has to offer.

One of the many boards I have created over time on there is called Creative Writing Prompts. It’s a small collection of prompts that I’ve come across and would love to explore at some point. Feel free to take a look at those at the link above. If you have any prompts you recommend let me know in a comment.

This prompt today is brought to you by Printerest, go figure.

They say that I’m a traitor, and maybe I am. All I know is that I did what I had to do. I couldn’t do nothing, that wouldn’t have been right. There were people that would have been seriously hurt, if not killed, had I done nothing.

There are other things that I could have done, sure. But honestly, would I have been as successful? There were many people that survived that day because of what my team and I did. There are children who were able to make it home and there are parents who were able to see their families again. I couldn’t be the kind of person to deny them something as simple as that.

Not one single person should ever feel doubt about whether they will make it home at the end of the day. My team and I just made it possible for those people, this time. There’s no telling how soon they will be ready to attack again, but we will be ready. There are things we can do, both online and in life that will make a difference. Today we take down one weapons manufacturing portal, tomorrow we run into a burning building.

We all come from different walks of life, and we’ve all had unique life experiences. What brings us together is our drive to help our fellow man, and not the One who strives to keep us down.

The One may say that I am a traitor, that my team is comprised of criminals, but today we accept that label. Today we may be what they are calling us, but we did what must be done when others did not.

We. Are.Here.

This prompt actually wrapped into a story idea that I’ve been exploring, something that I hope to get into deeper in the future.

Have a thought or comment on my response? Leave a comment and we’ll chat about it!

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