Writing Prompt: I Trusted You

Courtesy of Pinterest. Check out more writing prompts on my Creative Writing Prompts board on Pinterest.
Courtesy of Pinterest. Check out more writing prompts on my Creative Writing Prompts board on Pinterest.

He moved his wrists, testing the limits of the cuffs. The sharp metal cut into his skin, chaffing and rubbing raw what usually rested on the gel foam on his desk.

He kept his eyes low, not trusting himself to hold his tongue if he met the eyes of the officers escorting him to lockup.

His mood was dark, his anger rolling just under the surface as he moved one foot before the other. The series of unfortunate events leading up to his arrest were no accident, and he continued to review them one by one.

Mathias, as he was told by the man was his name, had been there when things went wrong. Mathias had been introduced to the group by Carter, a trusted friend who had been there since the beginning.

‘He had to have turned on me.’ Tony thought darkly as he was held to a stop as the officer before him opened the group holding cell, which happened to be empty save for Mathias. ‘Fantastic.’ he thought sarcastically.

He stood in the doorway, waited while the office unlocked and removed the cuffs. Tony rubbed his wrists, examining the sharp lines marking his previously flawless skin.

“Don’t worry princess,” the officer said snidely, “I’m sure they’ll heal over the next ten years or so.” the two officers laughed while Tony stood emotionless.

‘They’ve got another thing coming if they think I’m just going to sit in here and wait to be dropped off at federal daycare.’ he thought grimly as the cell door banged closed. He could hear their laughter as they distanced themselves from the nearly empty holding cell.

Shifting behind him caused Tony to turn around quickly. Mathias sat on a bench attached to the wall across from the door. He was in the middle of slowly scooting into the corner when Tony noticed him.

“Slimy weasel, what are you doing in here?” Tony had been hoping to spend some time alone to think, not have to deal with a rat so soon after his arrest.

“You can’t touch me, they’ll stop you!” he whined, scooting quickly so his back was against the corner.

Tony huffed, motioning around them.

“We look pretty alone to me.” He looked out the window wall that faced the empty hall the officers had vacated in favor of the break room.

Mathias looked nervously after Tony, a shake in his legs and a twitch in his eyes.

“Why did you do it?” Tony asked quietly, his calm voice telling more of danger to come than if he were to start yelling.

“You’ll never understand man!” he shrieked, pulling his knees on the bench and holding them tight.

“Man, I trusted you!” Tony exclaimed, throwing his body down on to the bench opposite from the weasel.

“You can’t blame me for that then, that was your mistake. You should have known better!” he whined, laughing hesitantly. “It’s not my fault if you’re dumb man.”

Tony shot him a dark look, murder in his eyes; Mathias silenced and gulped audibly.

“You ran a group of hackers, you should have more discretion man!” Mathias nervously quipped, watching the flexing of Tony’s hands carefully.

Tony wasn’t a small guy, and has shown on numerous occasions to be able to hold his own in a fight. There were not many that would question his decisions in the group simply because of his ability to fight. Majority of the men and women in their group however respected him for his ability to manipulate a computer. He taught many of their group how to hack, and played a part in several of the members getting jobs in top computer companies.

Now he’ll be lucky if they’ll still accept his phone calls, thanks to the weasel Mathias. Tony was still unsure how many of his team were arrested, since he was kept separate until his moment of entering the holding cell, an odd fact that had not escaped his notice.

“This isn’t over weasel.” he said in a low voice, standing smoothly as shouting erupted from the formorly deserted hall. Tony looked to the cowering man and scoffed. “You’ll regret this.”

A masked man dressed in police combat gear burst through the door at that moment, grabbed Tony with a rushed command to follow and they were gone.

Mathias slowly stood in fear, looking after the rushing officers who never gave him a second glance.


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