Short Story: Stranger Than

stalker-picture-concept-48870400They walked down the sparsely populated street, painted green for the oncoming St Patrick’s celebration that weekend.

His dark angular features were kind and she was happy to be his date for the day. Walking hand in hand they entered the last pub on the street, the most empty and by far not the cleanest.

She noticed right away that said pub was run by middle eastern men, not particularly Irish but she went with it. The man seemed comfortable here and easily ordered them a light meal.

She was put off by the lack of quality in the food, merely moving it around with her fork and looking around. When her eyes came back to the man he was watching her, a dark and complex expression looming.

After they left a short time later they continued away from the decorated street and to a nearby strip mall, which had not one open store.

When he turned to speak to her, he slowly raised his hand and brushed his thumb along her lip.
“You’re bleeding. ” he said low, pulling his hand away with a spot of blood on his thumb.

She looked down at it as he licked the spot off with a quiet moan. When his eyes met her again there was an alarming heat present with the darkness that had only seemed to grow.

He grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her roughly into a violent kiss, full of teeth and a pointed tongue.

She was put off by the force, but let his fervor play out. She was enveloped by the force of his kiss, happily enthralled by his charisma and evident interest in her.

When he pulled back he closed his eyes, breathing deeply. She watched him, catching her breath as she did so. It was hard to read the man from the beginning, but with his eyes closed it was even more difficult.

She didn’t understand the prickling at the back of her neck telling her that things were shifting from a romantic date to something more, possibly something dangerous. She was too distracted by the fire in the now open eyes belonging to the man watching her closely.

She didn’t see the glint off the knife as he pulled it out, nor did she see the concrete rush to meet her when she fell.

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