NaNoWriMo Day 1

For Day 1 I planned to kick off with a bang, but it was more of a flop. Pretty bummed about it, but hope is not lost! One of my kids was able to help me get past the road block I unexpectedly hit: the main character’s name. Who knew her name could totally stop up traffic!? But problem solved! Her name is Casey Miller!

Killer Instinct Prospective Cover
Killer Instinct Prospective Cover

My goal had been to add 2,000 words to get the story rolling, but I managed only 271. HOWEVER! 271 is better than zero, so I have absolutely no complaints!

I was able to layout the story map, so that will help in the writing process. I’ve always had difficulty with getting stuck in the planning stage, so I’m following the theory that I’m more of a “seat-of-the-pants” kind of person.

Day 2’s goal: add 3,000 words, set up a schedule for writing sprints in sets of 30 minutes.

So excited for this! I used an online source to come up with a mock cover so my graphic designer can have something to work with when he has a few minutes.


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