NaNoWriMo Day 3

The goal for today was to hit the 5,000 word mark. By early afternoon I was able to catch up for the low numbers I under achieved on days one and two.

I finished up the day with 5,006 words total. I think it was a good day, and I’m excited to continue this interesting novel tomorrow.

I find it difficult to write when there are people around me, especially when the people around me are expecting me to interact with them, no matter how much I don’t want to.

One example, oddly enough, is my kids. I love them like nothing else. They are both very intelligent, and very active. Their hands, their feet and their mouths. Always asking questions, wanting to do something new, and always wanting a hug or a snack. It’s such a ridiculous thing to comment on, but I find that every time I sit down to write one of them is always there with a need, a request or just ‘there.’

The worst part of their company, and the real pain in the rear, is the kids music they almost always want to listen to while they ‘work’ beside me. I have an unnaturally low tolerance for most children’s music, and it drives me up a wall. And of course my kids love it, I’ll never understand.


Killer Instinct Prospective Cover
Killer Instinct Prospective Cover

Here’s the original piece that this story is based on:

I wasn’t always this way, I had considered myself normal once upon a time. But then I met a man who changed the way I think. He told me that I didn’t have to deny myself all those urges to hurt people.

So I stopped trying, and then people really started to get hurt.

I couldn’t stop myself after a while, and he was always there to encourage me to keep working to be my very best. I would look forward to those warm embraces after a kill, but soon after the heat faded the headache would start at the back of my head working its way around to my forehead, just above my eyes. Then I knew it wasn’t really enough.

The animals had been the perfect relief of tension in the beginning, but after a while cats and dogs weren’t cutting it. The challenge wasn’t quite what I was looking for, there wasn’t enough fight or thought in it for me. It felt like it was too easy.

I started following this guy from the bus stop, I saw him there every weekend when I went out to my church group for single twenty somethings. He would be standing there pretending to wait for a bus, but I always caught him either copping a feel off a lady walking past or helping himself to an unsuspecting wallet. It bugged the shit out of me.

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