NaNoWriMo Days 4 & 5

Writing for Day 4 ran a little late into the night after a busier than expected day. Most of my day was spent out with the kids, so it was a nice time out.

Day 5’s word count included much of my work from the night before since I did it after midnight. Today however I was still able to add another 1,000 words to what I had added late last night.

Things seem to finally be rolling along for my main character, who has now met the guy she thinks is the one that she’s been looking for her whole life. She isn’t aware that he will be the one that unravels her whole world.

I love writing the way that I am now versus the method I was using a few months ago. I joined up with a writer who is now leading a whole lot of other new writers. Her goal is to teach us all how to organize our thoughts and hopefully get published at the end. She’s done great things, and I love working with her. That being said I’ve learned quite a bit about myself too.

I’ve always had a lot of ideas flowing in and out of my head on any given day. I have little sticky notes stuck to random places (and all over my desk) of great ideas that have come to me randomly. I mean, the concept I am working on for NaNo came to me while I was driving home from my mom’s on Halloween night.

Ideas come from everywhere. The hard part is getting those rogue ideas down in a concrete way so I can share them with you. I want you to read what ideas; I want to get these characters out of my head so they’ll leave me alone at the end of the day!

Getting back on page, the thing that I’ve learned is that everyone works differently. I’ve learned that I do great with a soft plan. Something that’s too rigid, without room to play and go a little improvising, doesn’t work for me.

Killer Instinct is being written with a general, non detailed, plot map. I wrote out the key points that are important for the story on an easy to see page and I started writing. I keep that paper nearby while I write, constantly checking back to it so that I can keep in mind where things are going.

This the smoothest I’ve wrote in months.

The Wicklow story lately has felt like pulling teeth, and it’s torturous for me to continue writing something that I’ve put a lot of feeling into when I feel that way. I think that’s why I’ve had such a rough time just sitting down and writing lately.

NaNoWriMo may have just saved my writer’s life, who knew!

I’m excited for tomorrow, and since it’s midnight already I may just be tempted to write a little more tonight towords tomorrow’s word count.


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