Updates and Stories

Hey everyone, long time no see!

I’ve been doing a lot of things in life, both with writing and my other favorite thing to do, sewing. I enjoy making stuff for my kids, but it always takes me away from my writing without my noticing. At the same time, I also find that it brings new ideas to the table for me.

On that note, I wanted to share an update on what I’ve been working on and what I am currently working on.

I have shelved Obsession for the time being. I found that there were too many holes in the story and I was having a hard time getting the story to flow. The idea behind it will not be gone forever, just on a hiatus for the time being while I focus on other projects.

I just started work on a potential project that has yet to receive a name to live by. It’s an idea that’s still in its infancy, so there’s not a whole lot to share. I did encounter a pretty cool program that I’m working this idea through, so we will see where this takes me.

Editing on Killer Instinct has yet to start, unfortunately. As soon as I sat down to start it, one thing or another comes up to distract me. I have the goal of getting a start on it over the summer, perhaps after I hash out where this current story is taking me.

On the personal front, I finally worked out a dedicated writing area for me to take advantage of and use just for writing. It’s a simple thing that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I found it hard to really get into the story when I was always having one distraction or another tossing me from room to room. Mind you, preschool kids are very distracting, and are very good at getting you sidetracked.

I hope to get this new website off the ground soon. I have switched from my own domain for the time being, and I’m finding that it’s actually easier for me to edit and update without the help of my partner in crime (and life). He’s a busy guy himself, so it grew tiring rather quickly waiting for him to get the chance to get around to helping me with the site.

This new site will have a focus as being a blog, a place for me to share what I’m working on and also to share a short story or piece every week. I have the hope to use a writing prompt weekly to start an exercise that would develop into a scene or a short story. Doing this will both aid in defeating writer’s block as well as meeting the goal to write more often!

What kind of content would you like to see here? Let me know!

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