Editing the First Draft

Working with this new program I learned about through a writing group on Facebook, I’m hit with a new drive.

The first thought I had was to work through a completely new idea and ignore any and everything else piling up on my desk. Which, by the way finally looks like a desk. I’ve gotten all my drafts and partial stories together and in a form of order. I’m rather proud of myself, since it only took a few years to make it happen.

Oh, you see what I did there? That’s how it usually works when I find something new, it leads me on a tangent away from things that I’m already invested in. This new found drive is courtesy of my husband and partner in crime, so thanks hunny! 😉

snipywriter5The program is called yWriter (feel free to click on over and check it out!). I’m still getting the hang of it, but so far it has been really helpful in laying out each scene as a play by play. I’ve had a bit of an issue getting that part clear in my head, so this is exciting!14937154_1257179514354834_1546492601_n

Killer Instinct is very much alive, and thriving! I started working on it this week, but progress is minimal due to still learning the ins and outs of the program and also life.

I’ve been able to get through the original chapters one through three, reworking them into a joined two chapters. Rereading the work that I did several months ago now is rewarding, and I”m still so proud of myself for finally getting a completed story out, but now I have to get back to work! It is definitely not publishable as it sits, it needs a healthy dose of TLC.

On the life side of the delays I tackled a project I’ve been wanting to do: painting one of my daughters’ rooms! Still one more to go, but there is a lot more purple in my house and a very happy little girl. Can’t go wrong there!

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