Writing Prompt: Murderer, My Love

Hey there again! It’s been more than a few days since my last prompt share, so I hope you haven’t missed me too much! I’ve been working through the many of life’s distractions, but here I am with a new writing prompt response.

Once again, this prompt was found on my Pinterest collection, feel free to click on over there to check out the many prompts I have saved, and if you wish you could even make a few suggestions for a prompt for me to answer.

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Blood dripped from the edge of the coffee table, soaking into the soft cushion of the sofa. The remains of his body lay heaped in a deformed pile at our feet, but he didn’t mind at all. Only I stood frozen by the stark depth of the red blood surrounding us.

Sticky fingers under my chin startle as he slowly turns my gaze to meet his own.

“You no longer have to cry.” His deep voice cooed soothingly. Had it not been for him at all, I wouldn’t have the strength to cry at all, though I had until now been unaware of the tears fleeing my eyes and wetting my cheeks.

“I-“ The words wouldn’t form for me, belying the uncertainty I feel deep inside. His soft chuckle as he pulled away his hand shocked in its displacement.

“I have freed you from your false prison, are you not happy?” Looking around I felt many things, though happiness was not among them; numbness and uncertainty were slowly filling my heart.

“I-“ Meeting his eyes again, but words were difficult to come by; with a clearing of my throat I try again. “I feel more… safe, than happy.”

Pulling by the collar of my shirt I crash inelegantly into his chest as arms surrounded me.

“I will most certainly accept that; Happiness will come in time.” Whispered words in my ear shivered through me, and I closed my eyes. “This is not the first life I have claimed as my own, but it is the first I have done for another.” He admitted with a soft kiss to my neck. “The smell is intoxicating.”

I couldn’t summon the fear that I should have felt at those words, knowing full well he could kill me just as effortlessly as he had my abusive boyfriend.

Everything about him was impossible to resist from the moment I first met him. I had been pumping gas just after sunset one spring evening when he first appeared. I hadn’t expected to survive after that first bite, but for some unknown reason he spared my life. I always thought about it, whether it was some kind of policy he lived by or if he just decided that I was meant to do more with life.

Or perhaps my blood was just that delicious, judging by the repeated visits that occurred over the weeks following that first fated meeting.

I knew I had fallen in love however when he bought me dinner, even watching as I enjoyed the spaghetti and meatballs from my favorite Italian restaurant. It was a strange thing I recall thinking, since my boyfriend hadn’t taken me out to eat in longer than I can remember.

I always loved that restaurant, since I was a child. My father had been the chef back then, bringing home dinner as often as I asked him. As a picky child meatballs were my favorite food, and accordingly my parents fed it to me to the point of exhaustion.

On hindsight, as I lay in the dark room with his still as death body beside me, I wonder if maybe it wasn’t love I had felt but rather the effects from some sort of influence he had been working over me with each encounter we had. Stories over the decades told of a power to woo and entrance just with a look, but since these creatures had yet to be scientifically proven at all, there is no research to back up said claims.

Carefully I brushed a stray lock of hair from his face, his stark features clashing beautifully with his dark as night hair.

“I may appear to be asleep, but alas it seems I am unable if you are not as well.” His clear words cut through the silence like a razor as I snapped my hand back. Slowly opening his eyes, he caught my own as a flush overtook me. “You do look beautiful though, so I will forgive you.”

Looking down at the white sheets beneath us, I toyed with a stray thread as the back of my neck tingled with the weight of his gaze.

“You make life worth the struggle.” He snaked his fingers between mine, caressing the back of my hand with him thumb.

There will be endless bodies on this path of life, but for as long as he allows me to I will remain by his side. My love for him is real, no matter with what influence it began. It has come to the point where I no longer feel safe if he is not by my side. The idea should scare me, however I find it puts a smile on my face more often than not.

This man that I love killed my boyfriend, and I am unable to find it within myself to be angry or even scared. My boyfriend hadn’t acted towards me with love for too long, his death left me neither with sadness or an empty hole where he should have been. There was no longer any room in my heart for his type of love.

“I only feel safe when you are with me.” I whispered as I lay back down, my head resting on his still warm chest.

“And I with you.” He admitted as he wrapped his hands around me and nuzzled into the crook of my neck. “I would never change us for the world.”

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