This Week… May 21st-27th

This week began for me with a bang, in the worst sense. We had a long week of visiting the hospital and plenty of worrying.

14937154_1257179514354834_1546492601_nDuring the time spent at home I’ve been working toward a slow but steady progress on Killer Instinct’s editing. The way it was written was on the sloppy side, since I was working hard in November to stay with the strict schedule set by NaNoWriMo.

My first task for the story is to get it laid out in an outline, to make it easier to see the progression of scenes and actions. I hope to have that part done with by mid June.

9780606231862_p0_v1_s260x420I’ve started reading a book this week: On Writing, by Stephen King. I purchased this book after hearing about it in a writing group. I read nothing but great things about it both in the group and in reviews. One good look at the severe lack of books about writing on my shelf and I just knew it belonged with me.

To be frank, it has been on the bookshelf in the den for a couple months by this point, not too sure how it happened. I was so excited to read it when it came in the mail, even reading the first few pages judging by the Pikachu post it note tucked in the pages.

I’m nearly through the first section now, and I’ve got to admit it’s a really motivating read. I find that just going through the experiences of a highly successful writer it making me want to push through the hard days of procrastination.

Motivation has always been a hard one for me. I have countless stories brewing in my head, only few of those have made it to paper in one form or another. Short stories began as a way for me to release the tales from my mind, but some  needed more time and pages.

The first full length attempt is Wolves of Wicklow Woods, which has grown past my initial expectations. The story behind that is so wild and lively that I can’t wait to share it with the world.


canstock25113033Preview for Next Week:

Continued progress for editing K.I.

Two new writing prompts, sourced from my Pinterest board collection.

This Week… May 28th to June 3rd


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