Welcome to NaNoWriMo Day 1!

The first day of NaNo has come and officially gone!

How did your first day turn out? Are you working from a plan or winging it? let me know below in the comments!

I’m working off a rough plan, formed by the Snowflake Method. So far for me has been great! The basic plot I was able to formulate helped tremendously as I started the first few pages.

My ending word count for day one is resting at 2,304.

In my story I have laid out the story’s beginning. We can get a pretty clear picture of what the main character’s daily life is like, who her family is and how she relates to them.

Tomorrow is planned to be the day when that call to action happens! That moment in her life when things change, whether she wants them to or not. I’m looking forward to introducing that force of change as well as those who come with it!

I have high hopes of chugging along with a similar momentum all month long, adding approximately 2,000 words everyday so that I can have the first draft officially complete before Christmas comes.

Well, that concludes my digest for Day 1, I will see you with tomorrow’s update!

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