Another Day of NaNoWriMo- Four

The end of day four is upon us. How was your day? Is your word count stacking up like you thought or hoped it would?

Here’s my stats:

Total Words Written: 8,638

Words Written Today: 1,903

Not too bad for a day’s work. It was a rough one for me today. My kids were cranky or fighting for most of the day. In simple terms, that means it was next to impossible to get some quality time with my computer. Not to mention the production that was bedtime for preschool aged twins. It’s pretty exhausting some nights.

But all worked well enough. I did surpass the goal of 1,667 words for today, so that’s a plus.

I’m looking forward to some relaxation and family time tomorrow, so my word count goal for tomorrow is simply to meet the minimum to keep on track. If all goes well, I will hit 50,000 words before the 30th. I was able to do that last year, and it certainly came with a great feeling; finishing Killer Instinct was a great feeling as well.

Stranded moon is turning out great so far. I have started chapter four today, but haven’t gone much into it yet. Our girl Melody was bitten in chapter two! In chapter four school starts and things start to get really interesting for her. I can’t wait for her to meet the other two wolves in school. (Insert “school-girl squeal” here)

Until the next night,


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