NaNoWriMo Update, and More

It seems that I may have been pushing myself a bit too far, and even stretching my intentions too far as well. Long time no see everyone!

Days 7, 8 and 9 have come and gone (and nearly gone for 9). I actually had the pleasure to fall asleep on my laptop one night and beside it the other. I suppose sleep is also a very important part of life, not just writing. Who knew?

As November 9th is coming to a close my word count is inching past 19,000. I’ve been able to make up quite a bit of the goals I missed when I fell asleep the last couple nights. I came up just a bit short the first night, but last night I only managed to add 500 words. Today I have made up the difference, so I’m satisfied.

There is one thing that I have noticed while catching up on my personal goals today: my story is moving too quickly.

I hadn’t realized that I was skipping the “little things” as Melody’s story progressed. We, the reader, were missing out on the things that make her a person. Her likes, her friends, her time at school. Her feelings.

From this point on I will be working more of those interactions into the story. I’ve already found how important they can be, as she grows closer with Matt. During editing I will be able to add those missing scenes to the parts I have already passed.

My big goal for tomorrow is to make it to 21k words.

Tomorrow is also the day that I will be meeting with fellow WriMo’s at a local coffee shop. I’m excited for that, it was very productive for me last week.

Have a beautiful night,


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