The Future: 2017, 2018, Publishing, and More!


There isn’t much future left to be had that will happen in 2017. Christmas and New Year’s Eve for sure, but perhaps more?

For me, I’ll be finishing Stranded Moon. That much is a given.

But also I will be getting a head start on a new project. I’m sure I’ve told you all about it before so I’ll just mention it once. I discovered the Snowflake Method of plotting this year and as a plantser I absolutely love it! Structured, but not planned to death! Perfect!

I’m going to start plotting while I finish up Stranded Moon, since I’m nearly finished with it. I’ve already written the general story line, but I’m not quite ready to share it yet. There will be more about it in 2018, including a working title and a synopsis. I will share that I’m considering calling one of the main characters Silas Stinger. Thoughts on his name?

Into 2018

I have many plans for the coming year.


In terms of publishing, I will be pursuing self publishing. The book I have chosen for this will be Flash Back, after the cover work is revamped and I’ve gone through editing. The second draft will be started on this in January, while I let Stranded Moon rest and continue plotting the Silas story.

New Novels

Three new novels are in the plans for the new year. One I’ve already hinted at, and is being referred to as the Silas story (for now). The other two will be the first in the Wicklow Wolves series and the Hacker Code. I have yet to determine which will come first, after the Silas story, but I will begin plotting it while I work on Silas’ first draft.


Editing will be starting with Flash Back in January. I have ambitious hopes of publishing this by March on Amazon, in both paperback as well as kindle. There will be a local author’s fair at the end of March, and I would love to debut there if possible.

Once Flash Back has been edited I will be tackling Stranded Moon. When that is complete it should be later in the year and Silas’s story should have had plenty of time to rest. I like to have a fresh eye to comb through my stories.

Killer Instinct

While going through my collections of works-in-progress and the over whelming idea collection I have amassed, I’ve come across Killer Instinct a few times.

I have not forgotten about it, though it may seem that way. It was my first complete novel length story, and I am very proud of it. That being said, it is my first novel length story. And I had absolutely no planning for it what-so-ever. I mean at all, none. I distinctly remember writing several times “That one guy” or “That guy’s place, I can’t remember his name.”

I know I’m not the only one who has done that, but it certainly makes it a rough reread. It will take some time and focus to get through it, but when I do it will get the rewrite it deserves.

I hope I have given you all something to look forward for the year coming, and I hope you’ll all stick with me as I delve into the unknown world of editing and publishing.

Wish me Luck,


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