Thoughts on Flashback

img_1116-2There are many things I think about this novel I’m writing, the first of which is “wow.”

When I first got on this writing road I had one goal in mind: publishing my werewolf series Wicklow Wolves. While I have yet to touch back on that since shelving it, I’ve not been sitting idly by.

I’ve been writing. A lot.

I look at the Wolves file everyday, just waiting for the right time to get back into it. But I shelved it for a reason.

I needed more practice. I wasn’t confident at the time that I could handle the story and do it the justice it deserves.

Flashback is part of that journey. It has taught me many things, including the editing process, plotting, and of course the importance of a daily writing habit.

Since writing the first draft of this, I’ve written another novel using a different plotting method. I found that story to be much more successful than this one. That is one of the reasons I’m not particularly in love with this story.

The biggest trouble with this story for me is the fact that it is so far out of my usual genres. It reads as a New Adult drama/romance. I usually deal with serial killers and the supernatural.

It’s hard for me to consider the story when I keep waiting for the vampire to reveal himself or for the first body to show up after that mysterious new guy moved into town. What can I say?

I just hope that when the beta readers get their hands on this, it is able to provide something that they like. Or, in the very least, the betas can tell me what they felt was off with it and I can fix it.

When I wrote the first draft the story just seemed to flow onto the paper, like I had no control of it. Rewriting it now, it’s easy to see where things were repeated and plot lines forgotten or blurred. I’m amazed now, however, how much I’ve learned since writing it last August. I feel like I’ve truly grown, both as a person and as a writer.

I’m excited to see what this year has to offer. I am also excited to publish on Amazon, even if it is the proverbial toe testing the waters. Flashback is that toe for me, and I’m hoping to still have said toe when its all said and done. And be proud of it.

See you all into the future, I hope you’ll stick with me. Depending on how this month goes, I may be signing on for a local author’s fair in May. We’ll see.


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