Life, Time, and the Magical Way it Runs Away

I’m astonished in the way time gets away from me!

It’s been much longer than I realized since I posted last. So sorry about that! I promise that I haven’t been sitting on the sofa eating cupcakes the whole time. There has been some writing happening! And some reading as well.

I have this odd way of updating my year’s plan over and over until it suddenly looks very differently than it began. I have done just this more than a few times over the last many weeks.

One of the many changes was to place Silas on the development shelf. There are many aspects to the story that I realize need more work. A lot more work. I still intent to write it, but it will be a bit longer.

Another change was to set aside my “Three Novels, Three Edits” plan for this year. I will take up that plan, in a revised version, next year. Rather, I plan to focus the remainder of the year on Stranded Moon.

As for the last many weeks, I have been spending much of it on Stranded Moon. I’m nearing the end of rewriting it, which I hope to have together by the end of next week. Then of course, I need to reread it and make a few more changes that I left notes on during this rewrite.

I’m intending for this book to be released in November, hopefully around Thanksgiving. I will have more information about that as it grows closer. My handy-dandy partner in crime is currently working on the cover as we speak. I’m super excited to see what he comes up with, and I’ll share it with you when the time is right.


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