Aisling of the Rebellion, Excerpt

Keep in mind while reading this that this is a raw (I.e. unedited!) bit of the project in progress, Aisling of the Rebellion.

As a side note, I don’t think I’ve covered the main characters name. Let’s get that part out of the way.

Her name is Aisling, pronounced “ash-lynn” and is of Irish decent and means “dream” or “vision.”


An engine roared around the corner, a spotlight shining on the brick down the block. Aisling froze.

Voices carried from the trucks’ open windows.

Aisling didn’t take a chance, she took off down the block away from the approaching truck. The spotlight combed the sidewalks, moving rapidly down the block in a back and forth motion. A second spotlight did the same on the other side of the road.

The block had never felt as long as it did at that moment. Her legs burned as she ran faster than she thought she could, but still the light was only inches from her heels. The lack of streetlights had been something her parents had griped on for years, but now Aisling was thankful.

The bricks cut in a sharp corner and she dove for the large bush planted along its length. The engine roared closer and the light fell on the bush, beams shining through the gaps in the leaves.

She held her breath.

“I don’t see anything. Are we sure it wasn’t just a joke?” a male voice said.

“It was a call from a resident number. We can knock on some doors to find out.” The light flicked off and the truck pulled away.

She let out her breath and panted as her body buzzed. The ache would hang around her legs for days, she knew.

Quiet had reclaimed the street for a long time before she climbed from her hiding place. Her eyes had time to readjust as she hid.

The temptation grew to go back to the restaurant, to attempt to break into her home, but she held back. Someone had called on her, whether because they thought her a thief or because she was out past curfew.

She turned on her heel and went straight back to Ciara’s street. Her hands were tucked in her pocket, and she was kicking a small rock, when she rounded onto the street. The house was close when she crossed the road.

The single streetlight was three houses away when movement in Ciara’s yard caught her eye.

A car parked on the street provided cover as a shadow jumped over the fence in the darkness beside Ciara’s window. Aisling’s heartbeat, fear gripping her as she suddenly recalled the window she left open and unlocked.

Hunched over, she moved around the car to remain out of eyeshot. The darkness in the yard was too dense for her to see the details of the man’s face, so she followed him. She wasn’t prepared for the instant he stepped under the beam of the streetlight, illuminating his face as he glanced down the block.


She cursed now having a watch at that moment, not knowing just how long she had been sitting in that bush.

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