Admissions and Editing

There has to be something said about editing. I really struggle with it. Tooth and nail struggle!

Writing? It comes so easily! If I have a basic idea and a plot, I can write nonstop for weeks before I blink. Editing? I struggle to have the will to pickup the story and even reread it!

Why is this? Is this something that all writers deal with to some degree? I think it has to be, but of course there are always those out there whose favourite part is getting to take that red pen to their draft and tear apart every weakness they recognized even as they wrote that first draft. I wish I could be like them sometimes.

I had planned to be done with the reread and most of the rewriting by the first of February. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I’m still trying to read the darn thing! Sure, those (almost a week!) my kids had off school made things a bit harder, but if we’re being honest it’s all just an excuse for me. I wasn’t motivated to work on it then and I’m still struggling to work on it now.

I think this would be the time I lock my computer and dedicate myself to this darn rewrite until it’s finished! The trouble with that plan? Facebook. It’s like the devil to me, or a siren. Definitely a siren.

Anyone else (majorly) distracted by the internet (namely Facebook)?

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