Aisling of the Rebellion


After the collapse of the United States, the states were renamed and marked as independent territories. Michigawa, formally known as the mitten state, was one of the first to establish and install a new form of government.

Aisling O’Byrne spent her time doing what she could to follow the institution. She often was the voice that held back her best friend Ciara O’Kelly, who was always a bit louder with her opinions. One of the things Aisling loved about her friendship with Ciara was the access to James O’Kelly, the most fantastic man her teenage eyes had ever landed on.
When the U.S. Federal Bank in Southeastern Quad’s urban district is bombed, Aisling’s parents are killed, leaving her life is thrown into turmoil. Her five year old brother Connor is the only family she has left. Overnight her view of the world is changed forever.
With the help of her Grandfather, whom she didn’t know lived in the same district of Clare Lakes as herself, as well as the older brother of her best friend, Aisling must find the strength to change herself and save what is left of her whole world.