Killer Instinct

14937154_1257179514354834_1546492601_nKiller Instinct came to life during NaNoWriMo in November of 2016.

Casey Miller has lived her life with the constant adjustment of an evolving mental illness. Medication, therapists and a weekly group meeting are the norm for her. She has spent her adult years coping with her challenges, and has been succeeding.

She is the proud owner and operator of her own coffee shop, Damascus Coffee. She has a great repertoire with the towns people as well as the supplier of the shop’s baked goods from the bakery down the road.

Until she meets Devon.

He changes her life from the careful calm she spent years crafting into a chaotic nightmare. Suddenly neighborhood pets began to go missing.

Then one morning a missing person’s filer is taped to the coffee shop window, the smiling face screaming at her with every glance.

Can Casey move her life from the chaos it became back into a form of control where she can remain a part of functioning society, where she has always longed to belong?