The Hacktivist

The Life and Times of Tony Smith, Hacktivist.

Sitting in his prison cell, Tony Smith tosses his ball at the wall, watches it bounce once before catching it and starting again.

His life hadn’t always been so endlessly dull and drab, he had been married with kids and a great computer programing job. He had a nice house in a great neighborhood, a dog and a family that loved him to pieces. He also had had a best friend who was always there for him, who had helped him to get said programing job that made it possible to get the great house in the amazing neighborhood.

Right around the time Tony and Lyla married and moved into their first apartment over the restaurant in a small downtown area of a small town, Tony’s best friend came like a bomb back into his life from God knows where. He had no story for where he’d spent the last 10 years, and made it a point to move any conversation away from it.

But he brought with him great ideas and a new education that he and Tony had only touched on in their high school computer classes and clubs. They had had dreams back then about becoming the next Wozniak and Jobs

Those dreams died for Tony when he went to college only to find out that he couldn’t really afford it, and it wasn’t economical to take out loans for massive amounts of money that he really had no confidence he would ever be able to pay back. His parents convinced him to apply for the metal shop down the road from their house, where his dad had worked for dozens of years already.

He was hired in instantly, and started the next week. He worked there without change for years. Until he met Lyla. She was like the light in his dark cave of a life. She showed him that things could be better, and that change wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. That’s when he started building computers.

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